What ActionFPS needs

  1. More players. More players = more contributors = easier to find quality.
  2. A quality player base. More quality = more good contributor retention.

What we can do

New user flow

I'm a newbie and open this site. How and why do I end up playing the game, and coming back again?

  1. Make the new user flow very simple: go to website, register & play.
  2. Make the first experience as good as possible.

Bounce rate of non-AC people is very high in my estimation. This is because the current flow is bad. The homepage is confusing for a newbie. It should be very clear. Big Play button was a good idea.

When you download the game, you still need to configure many things. The set up should be simpler.

Communicating better to retain people

Players need to be shown what we are about. Make it easy for them to help us: create guides such as "How to start a Clan", "How to play your first game", "How to contribute". We want social players, not QL lone wolves.

We should show off our social streams such as Discord, Twitch, live games, etc, and make them accessible even in off-peak times.

Being very organised will make it easy to retain the most intelligent talent.

Attracting developers

Provide high quality documentation and guides: "How to analyse ActionFPS data". This could attract many programmers looking to get experience in Data Science, Scala and other areas.

Work on the right project.

Be incremental: no 3-month projects, but small projects that make a big difference.

Implement an MVP, merge to master, get feedback and observe, iterate.

Change priorities correctly

At the beginning, achievements were very useful. In some time, there will be too many of them and so they will mean less.

At the beginning, clanwars were very useful. But tournaments will become more important soon.

So we will change the focus from low level things like frags to higher level aggregated things like tournament wins.

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