Game Development Guide

Download latest release

Go here:

Releases are built automatically for Windows (using AppVeyor) and Linux (using Travis). For Mac automated builds, we need a CircleCI subscription.

An admin of the project can create a release here.

Test server

We're running an always up-to-date server (synchronized with the branch that is being test):

/connect 7654

Run from source

This is for development and testing. First, clone the repository.


  1. Install Windows Visual C++ Studio Express 2010
  2. Open source/vcpp/cube.vcxproj and build "Release"
  3. Launch actionfps_release.bat.


$ cd source/src
$ make install
$ cd ../..
$ ./


  1. Install XCode
  2. Dependencies with brew: brew install openssl jq
  3. Compile: cd source/xcode && make && cd ..
  4. Artifact is built in: source/xcode/build/Release/actionfps.dmg.

Also see auto-build: circle.yml.


Help us with the first release:

Release process

$ git checkout master
$ git commit --allow-empty -m "Release 'version_1234'"
$ git tag 'version_1234'
$ git push origin HEAD --tags

Wait a while (for build to complete), go to and select the release you're interested in.

Then you can 'publish' the release into a full one.

Alternatively, create a release here.

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