Past tournaments


How do we know what to play next?

Look at the tournament's Challonge page.

Where do we communicate / set up the match?


How do we enter the scores?

You don't, they are entered automatically by ActionFPS when clanwar finishes.

Why no mixed teams?

We want to build up the clan scene in ActionFPS and decrease the noise. Ideally more in number, smaller in size, higher in quality clans.

Previously discussed issues

Setting up a tournament checklist

  1. Name: ActionFPS Tournament #<Number>; <Month> <Year>. <Number> is <Previous number> + 1.
  2. Set up a Challonge page.
  3. Give administrator access to 'WoopDrakas': Advanced Options -> Permissions.
  4. Post about it on Wordpress. Put in the appropriate rules. Link to this page.
  5. Announce it on Discord channel.
  6. Announce it on AssaultCube Forums.
  7. Send a message about the tournament to 3 active clans.

Starting tournament checklist

  1. Verify all clan IDs are entered correctly.
  2. Start the match.
  3. Enter deadlines for every game in the Wordpress post so people know.

Progressing tournament checklist

  1. Enter deadlines for every new game in the Wordpress post so people know.
  2. Automatically forfeit the game in Challonge if it is not played in the time limit.
  3. In the forfeit, include a "Text Attachment" with an explanation.

AC Forum template


ActionFPS Tournament #[Number]; [Month] [Year]


More information on: [url=]Wordpress: Tournament Name[/url]
It's part of our automated tournament series.
You need to signup using your ActionFPS Clan ID!
Good luck and have fun !

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