ActionFPS Tutorial

We'll go through the key aspects of ActionFPS.

ActionFPS vs AssaultCube

ActionFPS is a Portal and Game based on AssaultCube. It was created in response to a decline due to lack of competitive features in the AssaultCube game and ecosystem.

ActionFPS solves this problem by introducing a Registration system. It allows us to collect Games, aggregate these Games into Clanwars, and aggregate Clanwars to Tournaments.

ActionFPS Game features include: half-time, pause, Clanwar support, remote administration, password-free administration.

The ActionFPS portal supports both games. It collects game information from "Aura" servers, which run for both ActionFPS and AssaultCube.

Which game to choose?

ActionFPS Game is still in beta testing phases, so does not have activity yet. Help us test it but use AssaultCube in the while.

Start here

Go to the Play ActionFPS page.


For registration we use Google Sign-in because it saves us development time and saves you from having to memorise passwords.

When you register, you enter the following information:

  • User ID: This is your permanent identifier in the system that cannot be changed. ActionFPS servers provide us with that ID regardless of your User Name.
  • User Name: This is the display name that you will see when you play ActionFPS.
  • User Nickname: This is the legacy name that is used for AssaultCube games only.


When you register, you are given a profile. This profile shows how long you've played, how many games you have played, and your achievements. Achievements are given for example when you've played 5 hours of Games.


After registration, you are presented with download links and installation instructions for ActionFPS and AssaultCube.

Authentication for ActionFPS only

Once you have installed ActionFPS, click 'Play now (with authentication)'. This will download your personal 'Private Key' onto your ActionFPS configuration. Do not share this.

With the key now you can connect to an ActionFPS server.

Connecting to a Server

In the Server List, click on a highlighted server name to connect to it.

Alternatively, you can connect to a server from the game itself, by pressing 'T' and then typing '/connect 7654' for example.

Inter/private servers

These servers are for smaller games, between two fixed teams. A typical game is 3vs3. Games from these servers contribute to the list of Games, Clanwars and Tournaments on ActionFPS Portal.

Public servers

These servers are for bigger games, where teams are not fixed, and anybody can join at any time. Gameplay from these servers contributes to the Ladder on ActionFPS Portal.

Inviting people to play

Inviting to a private server

When you are connected to a Server, if there are not enough people to play against, type !inter.

This sends a notification to other players that says: "Inter @ , by ". The notification goes to:

  • The ActionFPS Portal. To receive them, click the red bell at the bottom right of the Portal.
  • The #inters channel on Discord.

Inviting to a Public servers

Ask people on Discord.

Playing the game

You move by pressing the keys W, A, S, D - and you point & shoot with your mouse. When you hit your, he loses health. When his health level goes to 0 and he dies. He respawns after 5 seconds.

You can choose a different Main Weapon by pressing B and switch between Knife, Grenades, Pistol and Main Weapon by scrolling your mouse wheel.

Capture the Flag (CTF)

This is the most popular game mode on ActionFPS. Goal is to carry the enemy flag from your enemy's base to your own base (where the flag is in the base). When you do that, your team scores. The winner of the Game is the team with most Flags captured.


Clans are groups of Players that stick together. You may be invited to join a Clan at some point, but also may apply to one yourself.

There is a list of official clans in ActionFPS.


Clans may play Clanwars against each other. They happen when two clans play several games against each other.

The result of the Clanwar contributes to Clan Ranks and Tournament results.


ActionFPS is young and growing. Read more about contributing in our Contributor Guide.

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