An award given to a player for reaching a target, such as playing 100 hours.

ActionFPS Game

An open source multiplayer first-person shooter game based on AssaultCube.

ActionFPS Portal

A website for ActionFPS Game that manages player registrations, including the Ladder, achievements and other player and clan information.


The part of system that helps identify players by their ID.

Capture the Flag

A Game mode where a a player scores for a team by bringing back the enemy's flag to his own base.


A platform for creating and managing Tournaments.

ActionFPS Clanwars get automatically attached to Challonge when a Tournament is open.


A group of players who play together.


Two or three games played in sequence between two clans on one server. Third game is usually a tie-breaker.


See Capture The Flag.


Voice and text communication application and platform for online gamers.


Main developer of the ActionFPS platform. Also see Lucas and Sanzo. Built HI-SKILL. Founder of Woop clan.


The fundamental unit of play in ActionFPS. Typically lasts 15 minutes.

Also refers to the ActionFPS Game Desktop Client that is an application that the player uses to play the Game.

Game mode

A set of rules for a specific Game.

Game (Validated)

Game has to have more than 2 players per team at the end. So don't leave the game until next map starts, or use /mastermode 2 (match mode).


A platform that hosts the source code for ActionFPS Game and Portal as well as this Documentation. It can be used to report Issues.

Hall of Fame

A list of players who have completed achievements, most important achievement first.


Predecessor to ActionFPS from 2009-2010.


Drakas, Lucas, Sanzouille. Existence of other members cannot be confirmed nor denied.


A game between skilled players on a private server. Typically 3vs3 but may be 2vs2 or 4vs4.

If you are a registered player on our server, you can type !inter to notify others that you want to play.


An aggregation of player scores from playing on public servers.


Main developer of ActionFPS Game. Built Akimbo content sharing platform for AssaultCube.


A player with administrator privileges, who will help maintain in-game quality of the servers.


Mode that the server is in. Mode 0 is public, allowing anyone to enter. Mode 1 is private, not allowing anyone in. Mode 2 is match-mode, allowing in only the players who were on the server at the time of setting the mode 2.


Main manager of ActionFPS. Woop Clan AC/AF squad leader.


See: Sanzo.


A space where players can play games.


A scalable programming language built on top of the Java platform.


A set of Clanwars between Clans, with one winner.


A live-streaming video platform for gaming.

Woop clan

See: Illuminati.

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