November 2006: Drakas begins playing ActionCube with Woop as the first clan.

July 2009: The first AssaultCube World Cup is played.

September 2009: HI-SKILL Ladder is released. It becomes the biggest AssaultCube ladder ever.

July/August 2010: The second AssaultCube World Cup is played in tandem with HI-SKILL.

November 2010: AssaultCube admins remove some HI-SKILL servers from the master server.

December 2010: HI-SKILL gets shut down.

January 2014: Idea for born, started work, ended up working on

December 2014: released for AssaultCube.

January 2015: Achievements released .

February 2015: Idea for ActionFPS with an authentication system is born.

October 2015: open-sourced.

November 2015: turned into ActionFPS and open sourced.

January 2016: Implemented Clanwars. Concept document.

May 2016: ActionFPS Ladder launched.

July 2016: iR|.Rafa* becomes the first Cube Addict on the ActionFPS Hall of Fame.

January 2017: Challonge integration launched, with Tournaments played.

February 2017: Released first ActionFPS client with authentication.

April 2017: ActionFPS gets a documentation portal.

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